Saturday, September 19, 2009

a rude awakening!

personal.well that means,i write it for myself.i write it 'coz apparently blog happens to be the only thing to which i can vent it out. i really dont care what others think about fact i would be happy if u dont read it.:) (then y at all wirte it? u may ask.i told u.its the only way can vent my thoughts.this topic.)its for me,and me alone.
well, i m someone who give people their space in relationships.
i believe its the space between the two walls,that would help the roof to be held high.
i am happy giving people their spaces coz i like mine too. but apparently,erm..:P at every stage,knowingly or unknowingly, i have one or two people, where i take the right..its like i consider them the same way as i consider myself-for both good and put it,i used to think,at every stage,i have this blow-up kinda tent na..which (i assumed)is one tent-one material which is blown up into a tent.
but,recently,i was told..rather awakened rudely, that even if its that blow-up tent,it needs air in between for it to be a tent.:) on retrospection,i realized that in the recent past, i have had this thing put up in front of me before-the thing that ppl need space...just that i refused to wake up then,and chose to wake up now:)
so..everybody (no exceptions) need their own space.
i should remember that.

anyways,thank you for the awakening-it might have been rude,but nevertheless its still an awakening. now that i woke up :) :)