Friday, August 21, 2009


I have no idea whatsoever on what I 'm gonna write, where m gonna start, and where I 'm gonna end. And I solemnly swear that I 'm up to no good in writing. :).well, now that I have made my declarations, I guess I can virtually blab whatever I want :) yeah me!!..

Hmm..have u ever wondered or got this thought that it’s all a mean, the whole thing is a sequence of dramas. well I have. when I come to think of it, nothing is real..nothing is the actual it the people or the circumstances or our reactions and responses to them..all of it, its all surreal. sometimes I get this feeling that we are playing a drama within a drama, and the whole thing..the entire world is a drama being watched by the One above. funny, right? maybe weird.

I have also observed a weirdly funny thing about myself. Why about myself..? coz I can talk only on my authority. I needn't bother about the mistakes I make about my life. I can happily make them, correct them and learn from them IF I WANT to...or just let it pass by. Anyway, that weirdly funny thing that I was talking about..:)...most of the times...I jus give a projection of myself..(I believe most of us do that..:P) but apparently the projection I give varies according to the people I relate with. I was just thinking how it must have all started and I came up with this. when I started relating, say to my friend Ted, she has bought the idea that I 'm funny, dont-care-about-what- u say, insensitive, happy gal.. maybe I am, maybe I am not. but that’s her opinion of me, so be it..i would project myself that way to u. a Buddhist saying goes "JO THO MOTH JO THO POTH" it means “how much ever be the number of people, so many possible ways.” so each of my friends have their own image of me, and hence I have so many projections of myself. "then u must have lost yourself,your identity"...u may wonder. I dont agree to it coz of the simple reason, I haven’t forgotten who I actually am. It’s just that I am not letting people know who I actually am. I am consciously letting people think whatever they wanna think about me. but I keep letting myself know the reality of myself.

One more thing, I just love this new thought.

It’s not just a fuzzy statement. It’s a game, and a way to know oneself.well I wanna explain the statement-jus for the heck of it!!
u are reading this post-that’s the experience we are talking about in the right most part of the sentence.
as u read,you could have though-"omg what is she trying to say!!" –that’s the experience in the middle of the sentence.
all of us know or are aware till this.
but, do you realize, that you can put yourself apart, away from the two experiences mentioned above, and just WATCH the whole thing. I 'm trying to say, you can take yourself(the so-called yourself, 'coz once you take away, its not u..;)..) away from yourself and watch the whole thing as if you are a third if something is just happening..happening,but not to you.

what’s the point?! you may wonder. I told you, it’s a game. try it just for the heck of it, during work, during might boggle you. well there is also this side effect, it gets you to know yourself, to realize who you actually are. and it just makes you live in THE present continuous, not bringing your past experience and thereby blinding yourself to the newness of that moment!!

it helps you to live life-MOMENT BY MOMENT...being AWARE of yourself. trust me ,you would discover oceans about you.

Until we meet again,


  1. Nice post sam. You've got a knack at writing real stuff. way to go!!

  2. hmm... quirky post. nice post. and wierd post all in one. U have got a good writing style. Keep it up my shishya.

  3. hey i'm able to relate to it so much:)sharan here:)