Thursday, December 24, 2009

channelize it..

wow...its bin so long..:) well, during the gap, i came across few things. i noticed that i went through a whole lot of emotions on varying things like frustration about roads, anger over government, irritated with my own pace and performance, happy about few things, relief that few things ended well, brooding over the past, overwhelming sense of gratitude, silly stupid hollywood many. but inspite of all this, life was rushing over its mundane activities, with no time to even think about what-is-going-on. it was just reeling. but that doesnt mean that those emotions go away,does it? i thought maybe they are all there..somewhere inside.
but what is important is
-"it does not matter what you have, what really matters is what u do with what u have"

what CAN i do about my frustration about the bad roads..? channelize them. true, i wish certain very rude..harsh..impossible things.but i know they are not possible(thanks to my intelligence) but i can channelize them in SOME way!! maybe a post( i am sure it would be a source of entertainment)
what can i do about my brooding over past? channelize it..come back with vengence..perhaps.learn from them..and ensure it dosen't happen.
about my happy times..:) well share it with a friend or simply talk to as many people as possible, because happines just permeates..whether you intend to or not.:)
ofcourse,music is universal channelizer,atleast for me. when am in the brim of anger, either playing keyboard or just listening to music would make a world of a difference.
boredom-something that visits us more often than anything else! well, maybe u can channelize it by getting to know more about people, or new people, or by learning new things-languages,how-stuff-works etc...
:p the sillly stupid hollywood crush..?!? :| ( i dont wanna tel how i am channelizing that.:P but i am.)
its just a simple realization..that all our emotions have sooooo much of potential, and it would be a waste to let it go suppressed.
channelizing them for the better,in constructive or happy ways would do a whole lot good.

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  1. omg wow ocenika... i totally get wat u mean... u kno me ur alice....