Sunday, May 30, 2010

GOODBYE from a hosteller

I wake up to this cramped room.. only to realize am running late for my class, and sometimes even to give few minutes to decide whether or not to have my bath seems like a waste of time.i simply rush to the class, wondering what is the point in having a wake up alarm. The class and class mates all of it create their own roller coaster rides..i come back and rush for luch with friends..i keep up with their stories .. the food feels like its it tends towards (à) tasting bad, to mud-like.. but I gobble that too. At the end of the day, after more roller coaster rides, I come back to my room. Sometimes I just sit with a novel, sometimes its music, sometimes it lab work ,sometimes its studies, and many times its movies, sometimes I cry..rolling on that ever-so-hard bed ..sometimes all of us gather in one room and laugh over god-knows-what..

Its not much..its not the best..but u know what…its been MY room…and its been so for FOUR years. I can almost relate to it now.. It has seen my everything, from secret desires,my moments of pride, anguish,jealousy, anger, betrayal,friendship, art,fantasies. my everything.
it has been my abode, THE place where I can come back to..any time, in these four years-MY room.

Hmm people..roomies..friends..there is soo much to talk about them..the variety that exists in the whole lot. From a time when I thought,( as I was packing my stuff back then at home before entering hostel life), these are few of the best clothes-should reserve them for occasions,these are my fav-should maintain them well..etc to coming to realize,all those are simply fantasies. There simply exists no barrier at all.. there was a time when I kept proclaiming “that’s mine, its mine” its NEWS if I get to wear mine.. so many policies and theories each one has and sticks by .. some of it I could relate to,some I could agree happily. And there is a whole lot which I simply couldn’t stand. And just when I was getting used to all the unusuality of people around me.. they declare –college is getting over. You gotta pack and vacate by @#$@.

Hey, but .its was just going well..i was getting used to all this..i need more time, just to experience what I already have..why ..
hmm guess there is no answer to the “why”s .. and u wanna know the funny part, its all gonna happen all over my next phase of life.. and I am supposed to be ready for it and move on..sure thing !! anyway, this is goodbye from me.

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  1. Waah you sneaked into the hostel sometime without my knowing?? Or is this post from all MY blabs... HE he anyway its tooooooooooo goooooooood