Tuesday, August 25, 2009

cheap thrills in lyf!

Cheap Thrills in life :):)

Hehe...i really believe all of us have both the devil and the angel within us.and let me be honest with you,sometimes i really enjoy being the devil (come on,dont u get bored when you continuously have to be someone you are not :P kiddin!! )
its these cheap thrills in lyf,which make me laugh at myself.things like,

singing the most hated song to ur frn or sibling.
calling ur frn r siblings with the name they hate,
tellin gur loved ones,that its one of their spl frn on phone,when it turns out to be just the opposite.
making that one noise,which wud freak them out!!
describe about the date they wud be having with their most -disgusted acquaintance ( i luv to do this with my bro n mum)
to keep reminding ur loved ones,of the embarassing moment which happened that day,which he/she is hoping to forget. :p
teasing ur loved ones,and giving them their reactions,which means they are completely clueless on waht to do abt the whole thing!
laughing out uncontrollably,when someone falls.! :p (thou u really feel sorry for them inside! )

hehe...the list actually goes on..i will update it,with evrything that i land up doin in the daz to cum !!

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  1. another one :)

    Sitting and talkin in the back of the class and making fun of teachers :)