Thursday, September 10, 2009

THAT that MaTtEr,THERE there leave

that title sounds like the most local form of english, in fact auto-drivers would talk better..but,its an insight,atleast to me!!
i also have a feeling that it would contradict( or make me clarify to you) one of my future posts on living every moment to the fullest!!
anyway,too much of prelude for the post,let me start off.
well,all of us confront so many situations in a day,meet various people..and all of it,has its own it the situations,or the people who are part of the situation.obviously these things kindle different emotions in fact,the same situation,would make me smile one day, and would irritate me another day. this phenomenon itself makes me wonder...(the phenomenon that a same situation,to the same person,can make her smile one time , while irritate another time..but that i guess is not the focus of this post :p )
also,when so many people are involved,there is bound to be a confrontation of personal ego(i HATE that word.that thing..ego!! yeww!! ) i m definitely not gonna be impractical enough to tell, to drop ego,that would transform us into mother way!! but,maybe it is possible for us to think about-not carrying the ego forever and ever(come on,this is not a fairy tale..even that says "they lived happily ever after",not egoistic ever after!!)
perhaps,heres where comes our title-"that that matter there there leave" :)
well,i get ego involved with someone say mr.perfect,okay..i snap,he snaps back (ya thats natural go on..) i spite,he spites back,i almost feel like saying, its a waste of time talking to jerks like you,but keep it to myself ( i am wise u see:) ) one of us, or both reach the threshold and quit. blank! we get out of the place. maybe, each other would turn invisible for the day. ya..all of us know this..its one of those i-wanna-get-out-of-this-place,i-am-pissed-don't-talk-to me days!! all this is routine (can you believe it..? routime? but its true.)
but what would be ugly is,if you actually carry this hurt or ego even during the next meet!!
thats,reallllllly ugly. that that matter there there leave.!! its happened ages back (even if its a single day,ITS 24 HOURS...1440 MINS,THATS AGES,atleast for the amount of math i have done)

i will put it in a few ways.
first for that same ego of you know,it would be so awkward for the other person,if you could talk to him as if nothing had happened. (mr.perfect would actually be embarassed about himself,and maybe his pettiness) that's one of the things ego wanted to do in the first place. didnt it?
treat others the way you want to be treated.(sometimes i wish i hadnt come across this u know) that line,that one line, would most of the times change my actions(ruin my plan,rehersal..of the list of things that would hurt the other)
this is logic,pure is to live,and its to live happily!! whats the point,in carrying foward things of past,which are absolutely useless.

hmm,i have been holding grudges..FOOLISHLY,and paid its price.few incidents where THAT THAT MATTER ALWAYZ WITH ME,cost me 2 yrs of no-talking,or no talking forever.
i told you,i ham becoming wise.:)

i am blessed that i have a few friends,who are like this..ted,winnie..ofcourse i do have friends who helo me practise all this too :) we need both.
meet you soon.

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