Monday, September 14, 2009

the BEST plum EVER...

i happened to read this somewhere and i liked it.thought i would share it along woth my thought with you.
the imagination is little funny,but..its seems there was this best plum. but someone came upto it and said,"o u are a plum,but i like banana" so the plum changed itself into a banana (mind you,it was the BEST plum ever,now its just a banana). few months later,the banana lover came and said,"my taste has changed.i like oranges now." so the plum-turned-banana changed itself into an orange. then the present orange lover said "u are being too sour". so the plum-turned-banana-turned-orange turned itself into an apple.but now,the banana lover-turned orange -lover left the newly turned orange and went in search of grapes.
the apple now said,listening to so many changing opinions,i kept changing myself so many times that i no more no who i actually am. i might as well could have been the best plum ever,and waited for the plum-lover to come.
has this been your story too? so many times,we dont mind pretending to be someone else just for the sake of getting along,with the gang,with the crowd. is it actually so hard to stand up for what you actually are..? is it so difficult to proclaim,this is me and this is how i am.these are my likes,and these are my dislikes.i am what i am.weird right? the whole magic of life,relationship ..everything for that matter,i appreciating that uniqueness in you and enjoying the unique person that you are. how easily,sometimes we get the most simple straight-foward things of life,all wrong.
there is a world for each one of us,which would accept you as you are,which would appreciate you as you are. find that world..or maybe that world will find you.and only that is your world.

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