Friday, September 18, 2009

i DONT knw :)

certain words and phrases,can have so many meanings..during so many situations to so many people. wow..wat a variety in life.:) :)
this pharse.."i dont knw :) " (with the smile included) can mean so so many things.
but the first thing that strikes me ,is that my friend winnie ,if she asks what are you upto..? have u decided ? or..are u coming or not..? and if u dare say "i dnt knw" snap-would go her face,atleast inside (she wud manage her smile always)

anyway,for so many of us,its almost an ego-shattering experience to say i dont knw-especially if its to a question related to your profession. omg!! i dont know the answer! oooh..!! i gotta accept this in front of so many people..! what would they think of me?? wow..! how much i care about what others think of me.
well,among friends, if someone asks about my opinion about some guy/gal (opposite gender) and i say "well hmm i dont knw..:)" all of us better know for sure,that theres more than a hundered feeling and thought inside me.

after a emotional incident,among friends or any close relation..when i relate about it to my friends or when i think about it to myself(the higher probable thing) again i land up with.."hmm i dont knw what m actually feeling.i 'm supposed to feel this actioins indicated that.thats what i wanted the other person involved to understand.but..erm..thats not what i m feeling..grrr...i dnt knw"

the other way round,when i m listening to someone talk,and either i m forming opinion about the incident, or telling him/her whats actually happened,god knows from where this higher-intelligence comes (that thing which conveniently disappears when i m in the same scenario),the maturity to view things from both ends."again i go.." omg i dnt knw,maybe thats what she thought too,maybe thats why he did it that way"

trust me, i go to this state (the things which my friends call the bah-state) most of the time
- my most favourite thing is..when i really dont knw..n m completely placid about it-the fact,that right now,this moment i just dont knw whats gonna happen,what would happen,the effect of my words,what i had done-none of it-i dnt knw any of it..all i knw is-i dnt knw about anything right now,and i m happy about it. :) s

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