Monday, September 14, 2009

COSTless LuXuRies

finallly...i wanted to write this for quite sometime. something which would alwaz bring a smile on my face.:)
u knw,to simply feel happy, to enjoy,u actually dnt need much.feww small wonders are enough.of course,all of us knw this, and agree to it. but,sometimes,when things arent gng the way u want,or the way it can go..its such thoughts which help one, to move on..i use these costless luxuries in two,i just think of them n land up with a smile.two..esp., if its traffic in the rain,waiting for hotel seat,etc i would think of how i could turn this into a costless luxury or what if this was a costless luxury.
beating about the bush?? well,the whole purpose of reading/writing this post is satisfied if after reading the list down here,u landed up with the tiniest of smiles!!


getting wet in the rain. a walk in the terrace or a calm road. dancing in the rain. a walk with ur loved one or friend,under one umbrella. while walking with ur sibling,when it rains suddenly( assuming u hvae the umbrella) fighting for it,and finally when u win,oushing it away and getting wet.

sipping coffee n watching the rain through the window. watching strret kids jump in every puddle possible. get inspired to make a paper boat,but to realize u forgot how to make one.

have u ever walked in the beach when it drizzles,omg!! midnight at beach! early morning sunrise in the watch that red ball come out..majestic magic.gazing at the moon in the beach. lying on mum's lap in the beach..listening to the waves.playing like as if u have turned mad,falling all over the sand. bajji at beach.
alone at the beach(time for retrospection) watching kids play in the beach.

coffee with a friend (whether u meet everyday or those rare meets)..chatting endlessly about nothing,simply nothing. getting wet in the rain,with frnz or loved ones and running to the near by coffee shop and as soon as u sit down.laugh like a fool. sipping coffee alone,wishing it would never end,watching the beach..or just sipping.
walk with a friend..wum u r meeting after awhile. walk with ur gang,fighting to talk or to be heard first. pillow fights with friends.

star gazing with cousins. sacring the younger ones with hoots but getting scared urself secretly.
the list is just endless..hope u shared a smile.
ps:guess it show in ur writing when u r in a bad mood.i din knw that ;)

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