Friday, September 18, 2009

PERCEPTION-others have it too case u haven't realized, all of us keep changing ALL the time,in all aspects.the pace of change may be different. but everything about us keeps changing, our likes,our level of patience,tolerance, ppl whom we move with,frnz, dislikes, mannerisms, way of life and especially OUTLOOK to lyf.
now that u gotta know u keep changing,i wanna ask u two things.
have we ever thought, that the other person also keeps changing??
does ur perception of others keep changing?

hmm. most of us are smart. we change our perceptions of the world,coz apparently that's the only way for us to be in the race..if u gotta be on,u gotta get ur perception of life on the move..with the trends.
but what about people? do i even realize that others keep changing too..? do i have the need to realize that..y?? like i care(LIC!!) i m just comfortable believing that they are the same old dumb insensitive person they are,and hell is not possible for them to change.that's..almost inconceivable. is that what we think ?? (hope its not :p)
but you know always,i understand my view, my opinion,things from my side much much better than any other. so,this kinda dawned on me a new thought. its this-
just like how my perception about others don't change or is hard to change (to make myself feel little compassionate)others' perception of me would also not change!! right..? it would be stupid of me to expect that..but how conveniently i choose to be stupid with my expectations,and land up getting frustrated.
think about it? ok..i accept, i had been a moron last few months,by moron i mean it-completly insensitive ,as rude as possible.but then life slapped-it always does. n it shook me.i realized!! m enlightened !! :p then i land up being nice and sweet, but lo-the other turns away.
what goes in my head??
WTH..i actually changed,realized and i wanna make up for it and what i get back in return?? a feeling of invisibility?!.
but whats actually happened??
the other person,(missy) had been hurt,formed her opinions,perceptions about me n left it at that. i cant expect it to change that easily unless i change my perceptions about so many people.
generally,or atleast for me,with my friends since they watch me closely (real close ,my frnz dat too) they know and move along with my changes.but family and others..or people who dont knw or watch me closely..sometimes its so annoying.for eg., when i go out to dine with my family,and i order a dish that i din like the previous time, (coz i went with friends someother time,and liked it then) everybody would ridicule me. (ofcourse i would say LIC n continue wiht what i want) but still,itits annoying.i would feel like tellin-"people,i keep changing you knw!!"
if u r asking me what exactly are u trying to say?? just this-
the spectacles with which you see the world,is how the world appears to u.if its scratched, and u land up thinking world is scratched..what can i say??!
don't expect others to renew their perceptions unless you are open to change yours.
how i wish,we don't form perceptions at all...we just accept people as they are.absorb the incident as it is-and LEAVE IT AT THAT. but,i guess thats one of the many many frailty of humans. so i guess we just gotta make the best out of it. :)

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  1. hmmm nice post... :)... but whom are you referring to here????