Tuesday, October 6, 2009

HELLO-is it me u r looking for? :)

have you thought about this.think of some of your good or close friends.. now,do you even remember the first time you saw them,or spoke to him/her. even considering you are one of those super memory creatures, and u do remember all that,did u imagine that that person,those talks would lead the relationship to what it is right now.?? my answer is point blank NO!
sometimes when i think of it, .."did i know that she would be such a friend, with whom i would have daily chats,walks ..share laughter ..the first time i spoke to her" NOPE.
"did i know, that we would be wat we are right now, the very first time" NOPE.
infact,its funny. i went with her for some event during my initial sem, now we hardly talk.
i didint even know him, till recently, but today we are so happy, that we can share each others' thoughts as if they are the same.
i couldnt have fought more stupidly with her ..ppl who used to see us, would think we are fighter cocks!! but now..shes my best friend.
its a wonderful life..aint it?? do we discover ppl,frnz and relatives..or its all already there,predefined, just that we come to know of it with time...or BOTH??!!there is so much of magic and wonder in store for us, waiting to be enfolded over time.

u never know, what the next stranger or acquiantance u meet, would turn out to be..u never know what u would turn out to be for anyone...
gonna listen to the song:
"hello..its it me u are looking for...? :)"

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