Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where are you rushing to..? whats the hurry?

It just occurred to me…so many times so many of us ,including me, hurry up so much .where exactly are we hurrying. no,m not talking about the next appoinment or class etc. but actually where are we heading??
Say if u are a student..u hurry up for ur class,seminars,(hypothetical in my case) exam prep, exam..ok ok..then wat?? Job..? then? Family..settle? then???
You must be thinking one of the two.
-After settling down,I wont hurry much. Really?? Haven’t we seen our parents and grandparents ? :p
-What are u trying to say??!!

I m trying to say..that ultimately we are all hurrying to our own end.
Yeahhh!! Wth?!!
Honeslty, coz anyway. Ultimately its all gonna end..and the more we hurry, the more closer we go to it.
So RELAX.!!!!
Ya, I understand we cant stop from hurrying for,our profession,daily work..etc. but in between all of it,like the queue in canteen, or any where for that matter those times,of mundane routine..queues ,bus travel,etc u can save some time for urself . Instead of hurrying towards your own end?? (am not sounding cruel..m I?)
A little bit of calmness, a trace of a smile can make a world of a difference..while being in the queue..if not for you,atleast for others looking at you. Hehe.
After all, what is to happen will happen only when it has to happen!!
What is, is..what is not, is not.
Think about it.

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