Friday, October 2, 2009

love ppl the way they understand love.

love ppl the way they understand love.

first of all, i assume my readers are mature enough, to understand that i m not altking about that boy-gal-gf-bf love.pls..theres more to love than just that!
its like this.u like ur dog alot..really lots. and say u like reading too..HP being ur fav. so...would u buy ur dog a book to read??? stupid right?
u would buy the food it likes, and play its fav game..and maybe stroke it more.that sounds sensible.
but..unfortunately, it looks like there are more stupid ppl than sensible people.(no offense) :-!
i dont get this either.for a simple b'day gift, we sit and think, waht the other person would like. what he/she would prefer..but when it comes to expressing our feelings, thoughts, love..why we get it wrong,hard and complicated?!!
my mum would like it, if i give time for her,listening to her future plans (for me) and for her..her dreams etc. just coz i like having coffee with my frn, and think its an expression of love, care..etc.. and i take mum there too, i cant expect her to feel the way i do..i cant expect her to feel loved, especially when i m engrossed in tv when shes sharing ehr dreams!!
i m being stupid!

some of us like roses, some treats, while others movies all this r the various expression of varies from person to it the way they understand.
for god sake, understand that people are different.their liking,tastes,xpectations,xpressions al of it are different.get it right.(ask them if u want) they way the understand love.
(ps: all my post, i want u to think from both the perspective.the hater and the hated. the giver and receiver.)
in this one, just as u understand tha ppl r diff bla bla, it would be great if u also understand, not all of us know this. for many out there..all have the same xpressions, or even better, its their expressions and would showit that way only. y cant we be those mature beings (ahemzz) and understand that they love us anyway.

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