Friday, October 2, 2009

u say it best-when u say ntn at all

i wanted to write really short posts..either one-liners or about 5 lines.thinking about it.lets see.

i heard a song, and got this thought. sometimes, atleast me for sure, when i am at the peak of my anger..i would just stay mum. anger or hurt..or any negative emotion..i would zippp it tight. of course, there's a whole volcano steaming inside..but i would be mum. true, sometimes, silence from the other would kill u..or be more strongly felt than all the noise they made.
people who would understand would understand, ppl who dont, dont.
the other way round is also true, when i m realllllly happy..u know,kinda ecstatic or blissful, or feel really loved (mostly by sandy or some pups) or loving or anything positive, i would stay mum,atleast at that precise moment of happiness.maybe there would be twinkle in the eye or all smiles..but mum.
i guess its true for few of us.

btw, the song that i heard was.."you say it best, when you say nothing at all" :)

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