Tuesday, October 6, 2009

providence has its own way :)

providence has its own ways..!! trust me!! i told my friend carter, only that day, that his blog is kinda about his personal stuff, and its amazing the way he puts it..and i can never write about mine.and lo!! here i m, about to write this.:)
this is purely for your entertainment..really.thinking about it i found it funny (thou i m the victim of it:D)
morning was normal.then i had my lab,for which i forgot my observation notebook. and of all the days my teacher asked for it today.and of all hte days he told that those who sont have the NB can go out.!! :) so trying to be a good gal, i went and declared to him, that i didnt bring it..got few lines of poetry from him. u knw wat?? nobody submitted for about half an hour of his asking, then slowly they did, of which he checked about ten books!! me n my big mouth!! power went off in the lab, and i remembered that i had to tell mum about something urgent.so i msged her from lab (which is not allowed to be seen by teachers) and guess what..some person-in charge of the floor,perred thru the glass door, and asked what was i doing.begged him of mercy, and switched my mbl off.its not over. during lunch i had gone with my friend,giving my bad to another frn..and my water bottle quenched the thirst of a nasty monkey!! (grrr...i can tolerate lizards n cockroaches but not that creature) and a group of my wunderful frnz took a video of the whole thing!! later in the parking slot, my keys were not to be found..when i had to go home really soon.the security had it, and tried to make me scared that i have to tel "police uncle"!! finally i reached home going thru some silly traffic..and was engaged in some important running about job!

the point is..(i too dont like sharing my-today) inspite of such a dhamaka-of-a-day, i could help but laugh my head of over a name which would have been better had it been GOLGAPPA instead of watever-that-name-was...or thinking of the guy opposite me who almost fell of his chair..OMG!! or lol over w***h ...lolzzz had so much of laughing that day.
it was only by the end of theday i came up with two things:
-life is like this..there is alot of hustle and bustle, but in between all of it, if i dont get to see and experience the fun and laughter, there's no point.
-did u notice, after every "wth-event" , in dat day, there was a way out, somehow or the other.i can keep thinking.."omg,,it was a bad day..." or i can think "i got outta everything,inspite of everything :) "..it all a matter of choice..wat u choose to see, how u wanna see..life.

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