Thursday, October 1, 2009

i wonder how, i wonder why..

i heard this long time back ..and it have wondered about it all along.something really nice.

in the entire universe, there area millions of galaxies, of which our galaxy, milky is just one of it. one in million-a speck of dust.

in our galaxy milky way, there are milions of solar systems, of whihc, our solar system is just in the milion-a speck of dust.

in our solar system,considering the size of all the heavenly bodies, our planet earth is a tiny part-a speck of dust.

in our planet earth, considering the billions of people we are, YOU are just one of it. on in the billion-a sppppeeecckk of dust.

now think about yourself,in the enirety of the universe..complete the loop,earth,solar system etc etc...
in all of it, there had never been and there will never be someone like you!!!
wow...what a rarity. you are rare,unique,original..a masterpiece..a master's piece.
what a feeling!!

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