Friday, October 2, 2009

and THAT even God cannot change!!

some of you, might think this is heights of arrogance..but, atleast give it a thought.
ya, HE-god is capable of disappointing me so well.sometimes i think he's learnt the art of it. HE can create circumstances such that things go really weird, inspite of all our plans. (like landing up at mr. bean in a gr8 theatre, when we planned for ocean's 13 !!)
HE has control over almost everything..maybe coz hes created almost everything.ALMOST.
almost..coz he cant create my feelings...only i can. he can create the circumstances..the stimuli..etc but my response to them is absolutely in my hands. its my decision.
HE may make what i thought would be a super success into a fiasco, predicting, my reaction to it. but just for the heck of it, i can surprise HIM...see the good side of it,learn from the incident, remain unruffled..and move on.
HE can create an emotional turmoil or drama, thinking i would fall for it. but i can tell myself "you be you,let me be me".
i am definitely not asking you to cheat or be artificial. i m just putting it in a different way, that you can see the better side of anything and everything, and surprise HIM and YOURSELF.
(i had second thoughts on adding this, but considering that winnie herself thought the same, atleast to tell about r frequency i thought i can add.)
u knw what..god reallly loves us. just that we dont understand it, its kinda beyond my comprehension-the love that he has.
i never know the BIG picture yet...(only now i realize y that happened the way it happended)
life is a game, and HE lets u play, the best part is, when u play well all dads he lets u win.
winnie-"HE dosent want u to change, he wants u to adapt"

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