Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the BAAH state.

there is something called baah state. (belongs to the list of terms that we have coined,our frnz i mean) now..i think this baah state has 2 parts..serious n normal.the normal when u r completely blank,for god-knows-wat reason..or when u r lost in your own world..dreams etc etc. (which is absolutely a very common thing for me :p) now..this serious baah state..its the feeling u have, after a very strong emotion..positive or negative.positive-like when u r almost ecstatic and blissful..sometimes u dont even know if u are feeling something..i wonder if it 'coz of the time it takes to seep in..that what has happened, has actually happened...or 'coz u r just floating..or u really dont know what to say or feel..its almost a state. the strong emotion can also be a negative one..and you really dont know what to do-maybe coz u cant believe its happening, or u r wondering how,why me...or u just dont knw...ofcourse,if u one of those people who let emotions show, after all the screaming n shouting(blabbering n waste of time basically,coz its of no use) u land up in this state..
hmm,during these times,to be very honest...sometimes there is actually no feeling at all, no feeling-no response to any action..u merely exist..baah.