Friday, October 2, 2009

:) Express-Expectations-Explictly

i have seen , heard and even experienced this quite often. when someones way we show it to the one who hurt us!! so many many expressions...either we just get back-left, right, center ,or snap back,spite back, turn indifferent,..keep mum, make the person many
hmm..whats the reason for being hurt in the first place?? (correct me if m wrong)
coz we expected the person to react in someway,while it turned out to be something else...basically our expectations weren't met.
funny isnt it. the trouble we take, to express the hurt..(the fact that expectations wernt met)..but simply dont bother to express our expectations in the first place..:) really funny ppl. (including me)
how simple life would be, if you could tell before hand..make it clear,these things are ok with me, these things are not. and when i do something like this-i expect something like that from you...(basically setting the ground rules of the transaction of relationship right.c'mon, whether you like it or not, it is a transaction in some or another form :p. after all its all the way u see it.)
oh please...if you think or assume (ass-u-me) that the other person would implicitly understand...SORRY FOR THE DISAPPOINTMENT:SUCH A PERSON IS YET TO BE DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED!! :)
i have seen it with ppl around me. the ones who made it clear in the beginning itself, have got such wonderful people..or have atleast ended it gracefully.
infact, i knw a frn of mine, who on her bday, wnated someone else to call at midnight. apprently that person was in his blissfull dreams. u knw wat?? she actually called that person,n told"hi.todays my bday,i want u to call me, i think u forgot,so call me bk"..wo!!
theres also the other kind, as soon as u discover, something hurt u, make it explicitly clear, that ,that action or words are not acceptable.this kind too has got it right. but unfortunately i have also seen a big crowd, stuck in between, thinkin people would understand someday, or not correcting things then and much i wish, they got it right.
that way, u might land up reducing the expressions of ur hurt.
there's so much more to on.:)EEE


  1. what is this type of picture called?

  2. er... baaah ?? lolzzz i dont knw...:)