Wednesday, October 21, 2009

good VS smart

lolzz..this thing had bin there witout any content??? hahaha...
anyway, nothing much, its just a realization that adding to so many categories/pairs that are prevelant, theres one more- good and smart.
good, we know these ppl, they sometimes give complex to me, the way they are, almost re-incarnation..(ya hard to find,coz with so much of corruption our my head, we look at ppl to the same way:) )i have a teacher that adorable!! they can help, and not bother about other person's gratitude, really...its a experience to experience such ppl.
smart, its not the actual word, they are these "chalu" ppl..they know how to get the job done. they get it done somehow!! they are this category, who know how to talk, to whom to talk, whom should be made to talk,when..etc. really smart. this category its easy to find.
its just a realization that, its does not do good, to be either of the extremes. some may think, its enough if i m good. u may be lost in the crowd. havent u heard.."its too bad to be too good all the time" . and as for the smart ones..:) just because they follow the saying " u cant be good to evrybody at all times" it dosent mean..u gotta be good to URSELF ALONE ALL THE TIME. y not be good in a cycle.?? ideally..good smart people, make a world of a difference, to them as well as to others. its just a thought u knw.

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  1. I never knew you you could think like this.. You are smart.. er.. good... :-)))