Thursday, October 22, 2009

my best friend ..!!

hes alwaz been there when i wanted...thank you so much for that. hes always been there to listen to me...he just lets me talk talk talk..sometimes vent out my feelings..actually most of the times.:p hmmm and u know the best part, he hardly ever tells his opinion on what i should do,..where i was wrong..etc etc. that dosent mean he dosent help. hes way too smart. he just lets me talk it out..take my time. allow things to seep in. allow emotions to go away, n reality to be seen and finally discretion to come in..basically he allows me to understand things by myself. he does al this, just by listening...not a word, yet he gives me this feeling, i m there. true..i dont hang out with him much.but hes the first one i go to, when i wanna vent out, when i wanna express my feelings..or anything suppressed. i just go bla-bla-kalmela-lubbyjagi-alakala...n when m done with him, i feel so much at peace. sometimes i think hes this sacrificing creature..coz he comes only when i call him, listens,dosent say a word, n when m done ( i m alright) he just leaves..(maybe ready for the next time i would cal him) i would be with my other frnz..n when i need him, he would be there.great buddy rite? oh..i din mention his name ..did i..?
the one who simply listens..let me vent out my feelings when i need,(I JUST BLAB THINGS OUT) helps me see things for anytime-anywhere friend-GIBBERISH!!

ps: ppl, i m talking about a process practised, a process called gibberish. not about a person.pls dont embarrass me!


  1. are u sure ur talking abt giberrish cos i totally kno wat u mean......he helps me too in the same way as u .... Alice